DDp(+) and PDp(+) Dry Dust Filters

DDp(+) and PDp(+) Dry Dust Filters

DDp(+) and PDp(+) Dry Dust Filter

The DDp(+) and PDp(+) Dry Dust Filters are cutting-edge solutions designed to ensure the purity and efficiency of compressed air systems. These filters effectively capture and eliminate dry dust particles, preventing contamination and safeguarding downstream equipment. The DDp(+) series is ideal for standard applications, while the PDp(+) series is specifically engineered for high-demand environments.

Employing advanced filtration technology, these filters contribute to improved air quality, reducing maintenance costs and enhancing the overall reliability of compressed air systems. With their high-performance capabilities, the DDp(+) and PDp(+) filters play a crucial role in maintaining clean and efficient compressed air for various industrial applications.

Our high quality dry dust filters remove dry dust, particles and microorganisms from compressed air.
Our DDp(+) and PDp(+) filters have been developed to economically provide the highest air quality and meet today’s increasing quality demands.

Maximum pollutant removal
High-efficiency glass fiber and foam material ensure optimal filtration of dry dust.

Energy saving
The optimum design and filter material used in our compressed air filters minimize pressure loss and reduce operating costs.

High performance
High quality materials such as stainless steel housings, double O-rings, epoxy sealed caps and filter housings with anti-corrosion coatings have been selected to ensure high performance and reliability.

Easy maintenance
Filter maintenance is simplified thanks to the push-fit elements and the protrusions on the outside of the threaded housing allow the filter to be held more firmly.

Timely service indication
The filter cartridges have a service indicator that warns when the pressure loss drops to 350 mbar. When this warning is given, service should be performed annually or after 4000 hours of operation, whichever comes first.

DDp and PDp provide the best filtration of dry dust
Our DDp(+) and PDp(+) dry dust filters efficiently prevent dust, particles and micro-organisms from corrosion, dirt and absorption materials from entering your compressed air flow.