Breathing Air Purifier – BAP (+)

Breathing Air Purifier – BAP (+)

Breathing Air Purifier – BAP (+)

High quality air is vital for many industries, but even more so in breathing air applications such as pharmaceutical manufacturing and spray paint.

Guaranteed purity
Our BAP(+) takes air from any compressor and converts it into ultra-clean breath-quality air.

Easy installation
Every BAP(+) breathing air purifier is pre-assembled and tested to ensure easy installation.

Reliable in real-life conditions
We test and subject our BAP(+) to the maximum concentrations reported by governments around the world.

Small footprint
The design of our BAP allows you to make the most of the available space. Significantly reducing installation complexity and cost.

International compatibility
Our breathing air purifier meets OSHA Grade D, NFPA-99, CSA Z180.1-00, CGA G7.1-1997, EN 12021, BS 4275, ISO 14971, OHSAS 18001, European Pharmacopoeia and other International Breathing Air Standards.

Breathtaking air quality
Our BAP(+) breathable air purifiers are designed to protect against a variety of contaminants that may be present in a compressed air supplied breathing air system. These include contaminants such as smoke, oil, vapors, gases, solid particles and microorganisms. Compliant with international breathing air standards, the BAP series ensures a safe working environment.