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Enkosan Compressor History
Our company has been operating in the compressed air sector of our country for more than 20 years. With the experience and knowledge accumulated since the 90s, our company serves many sectors from textile to petrochemistry, from automotive industry to defense industry by using the innovations brought by the developing technology.
How Do We Help?

Improves energy efficiency by providing compressor systems and equipment used in industrial processes. We maximize production efficiency and reduce operating costs by providing customized solutions to our customers. High-quality compressors improve the performance of industrial plants by meeting air and gas compression needs. They also ensure continuous and reliable operation of systems by providing maintenance services and technical support. As Enkosan Compressors, we strive to contribute to sustainability and environmental compliance by offering environmentally friendly solutions to our customers.
Your Compressed Air Solution Partner
  • Choosing the most suitable compressor for your business
  • Technical advice and project design for your compressed air installation
  • Regular maintenance monitoring of your compressor
  • Free counseling service


Can I get Support for My Existing Compressor?

Our company serves all brands. We provide breakdown and maintenance services for all brands with our trained staff from Atlas Copco, of which we are the distributor.

Is Counseling Provided?

The sales engineers of our company calculate the air consumption in your business and calculate the air consumption of your business with the help of measuring devices if there is an existing compressor. In addition, the installation in your business is examined and checked whether it is suitable for the calculated consumption. In the following process, if our customer has investments to be made in the future, these factors are also taken into account and the air requirement of the business is calculated. All these services are offered free of charge to our customers before the sale.



You can write to for any technical questions.