DD(+) and PD(+) Combined Oil Filters

DD(+) and PD(+) Combined Oil Filters

DD(+) and PD(+) Combined Oil Filters

The DD(+) and PD(+) Combined Oil Filters are cutting-edge solutions for ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of compressed air systems. These filters effectively remove both solid particles and oil aerosols from the compressed air, safeguarding downstream equipment and processes. Designed with advanced filtration technology, they enhance air quality and protect sensitive components, reducing maintenance costs and system downtime.

The DD(+) filters cater to standard applications, while the PD(+) filters are specifically engineered for high-demand situations. Together, they deliver reliable and efficient oil removal, contributing to the overall efficiency and durability of compressed air systems.

Our high-performance combined oil filters remove oil aerosol, moist dust and water droplets from compressed air. Our DD(+) and PD(+) filters have been developed to economically ensure the highest air quality and meet today’s increasing quality demands.

Maximum filtration
High efficiency fiberglass and foam type material provides maximum oil aerosol, damp dust and water droplet filtration and evacuation.

Energy saving
The optimum design and filter material used in our compressed air filters minimize pressure loss and reduce operating costs.

Low maintenance
Filter maintenance is simplified thanks to the push-fit elements and the protrusions on the outside of the threaded housing allow the filter to be held more firmly.

High performance
High quality materials such as stainless steel housings, double O-rings, epoxy sealed caps and filter housings with anti-corrosion coating have been selected to ensure high performance and reliability.

DD and PD provide optimum combined oil filtration
Our DD(+) and PD(+) combined oil filters efficiently reduce oil aerosol, moist dust and water droplets in your compressed air flow to protect your investment, equipment and processes. These impurities can come from compressor element lubrication, sucked air and compressor installation.