Nitrogen Generators SNG II

Nitrogen Generators SNG II

SNG II Nitrogen Generator : Turnkey solutions to produce high quality nitrogen gas.

High Nitrogen Purity: Up to 99.5%

Complete package system : up to 350 bar

Powerful Concept: from 485 Lt/min to 770 Lt/min

Touch control panel: Easy to use

Mobile designed main chassis: Move it anywhere with a forklift truck.

BAUER’s nitrogen generators in the SNG II series are closed, integrated and modular complete systems for nitrogen supply, consisting of ROTORCOMP screw compressors, nitrogen membrane and BAUER piston compressor.

They can produce pure nitrogen through a nitrogen membrane, which forms the basis for high production volumes and cost efficiency at low costs.

The SNG II series is built from modules on a system frame. The framework makes it easy to adapt the system to meet your individual customer requirements at any time.