H Series High Pressure Filters

H Series High Pressure Filters

H Series High Pressure Filters

The H Series High Pressure Filters stand as reliable and efficient components in compressed air systems, designed to maintain superior air quality in high-pressure applications. Engineered for durability and optimal performance, these filters effectively remove contaminants, such as particles, oil, and moisture, ensuring the protection of downstream equipment.

With a robust construction, the H Series filters provide long-lasting filtration solutions for demanding industrial environments where compressed air quality is paramount. Their high-pressure capabilities make them essential for applications requiring precision and reliability, contributing to the overall efficiency and longevity of compressed air systems in diverse industrial settings.

Our H filters provide exceptional air purity for high-pressure applications spanning a wide pressure range. They are often used in the chemical or food and beverage industries.

Guaranteed safety
All high pressure filter housings are hydraulically tested to ensure safe and stable operation at all times. A hydrostatic test certificate is supplied with each filter.

Maximum contaminant removal
Our high-pressure filter provides maximum removal of dry and wet dust, particles, oil aerosol and water droplets thanks to its highly efficient glass fiber and fleece media.

Energy saving
The optimum design and filter materials used for our compressed air filters minimize pressure drop and reduce operating costs.

High quality materials such as stainless steel cores, double O-rings, epoxy sealed caps and filter housings with anti-corrosion coatings ensure high performance and reliability.

Wide product range
Our wide range of applications includes 4 pressure variants, 9 sizes and 5 grades. Furthermore, H filters can be used for both air and nitrogen at high pressures.