SFA Silicone Free Line Filters

SFA Silicone Free Line Filters

SFA Silicone Free Line Filters

The SFA Silicone-Free Line Filters are an essential component for maintaining the purity of compressed air systems. These filters are specifically designed to eliminate the presence of silicone contaminants, ensuring that the compressed air generated is free from silicone particles. With a robust construction and advanced filtration technology, SFA filters effectively capture impurities, safeguarding sensitive applications such as painting, coating, and pneumatic equipment operation.

These high-performance filters contribute to the longevity of equipment, minimize downtime, and enhance the overall quality of compressed air. Trustworthy and efficient, the SFA Silicone-Free Line Filters exemplify a commitment to air purity in various industrial settings.

Our SFA filters provide superior air quality for applications requiring silicone-free air, such as paint and automotive. Protect your end products. Oil aerosol, dust and oil vapors are removed without silicone.

Guaranteed silicone-free
We manufacture our SFA filter housing and elements in a clean room environment and clean and test them according to certified procedures.

Maximum contaminant removal
Our SFA filter optimally removes dry and moist dust, particles, oil aerosols and water droplets thanks to its highly efficient glass fiber and wool type material.

Energy saving
The design and materials used in our compressed air filters minimize pressure loss.

High performance
High quality materials such as stainless steel housings, double O-rings, epoxy sealed covers and filter housings with anti-corrosion coatings have been selected to ensure high performance and reliability.

Easy maintenance
Push-fit elements and protrusions on the outside of the threaded housing make filter maintenance easier.

SFA ensures superior air quality
Our high-quality silicone-free SFA filters protect your equipment and end products by efficiently preventing dry and moist dust, particles, oil aerosol, oil mist and water droplets from entering your compressed air system. SFA is certified silicone-free by the Fraunhofer Institute.

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