EWD/WD Water Separators and Drains

EWD/WD Water Separators and Drains

Our EWD and WD products solve all compressed air condensate drainage issues, even in highly contaminated systems. Water separators and drains provide safe, reliable, and economical condensate management.

Minimum Maintenance, High Reliability Water separators with no moving parts require minimal maintenance and offer high reliability. They come with automatic and manual drain options.

Energy Savings The intelligent drainage function monitors condensate accumulation with liquid level sensors. It discharges condensate only when necessary, preventing wasted compressed air and enabling significant energy savings.

Wide Range of Products to Choose From A broad range of products includes different EWD drains for condensate contaminated with oil. This range also includes models with additional hard coatings for use with oil-free and aggressive condensate.

Electronic-Controlled Condensate Drain The WD 80 drain valve ensures automatic full condensate discharge that accumulates at the bottom of the air receiver. EWD drains are electronically controlled, monitoring the condensate accumulation status with liquid level sensors. They discharge condensate only when needed, preventing the waste of compressed air.