WSD Water Separators

WSD Water Separators

Our WSD water separators enhance the lifespan and reliability of your compressed air cooler with efficient condensate management.

Reliable Air System Stainless steel automatic drain devices prevent the accumulation of condensate water from air receivers in the coolers.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements Water separators with automatic and manual drains are maintenance-free since they have no moving parts.

Energy Savings The intelligent drainage function tracks condensate accumulation with liquid level sensors. It discharges condensate only when necessary to prevent wasted compressed air.

Flexible Installation Our WSD water separators can be easily installed at any point in your air line.

WSD Water Separators Made entirely of stainless steel, Atlas Copco WSD water separators efficiently separate water using the cyclone method. These maintenance-free water separators include automatic and manual drains to prevent the accumulation of condensate water in the coolers of your compressed air system. You can easily install WSD water separators anywhere in your air line, and they are standard with Atlas Copco HD and TD final coolers.