OSC Oil-Water Separators

OSC Oil-Water Separators

Condensate Treatment and Drainage Solutions OSC oil-water separators OSC can separate all kinds of condensate from all compressed air compressor systems, offering unique performance and reliability with minimal maintenance needs.

Our OSC products provide proven reliability, high flexibility, and ease of use for clean water and peace of mind.

Environmentally Friendly After the separation process, the remaining oil in the discharged condensate is so minimal that it can be safely drained without causing harm to the environment or violating solid environmental pollution regulations.

Easy to Use OSC’s simple yet robust design allows for easy installation without the need for special arrangements, and filter replacement can be done smoothly.

No Risk of Contamination Since an oil collection bottle is not required, the possibility of degradation of the previously separated condensate is eliminated.

High Flexibility Most condensate emulsions can be separated. Polyglycol condensate can be separated, but some units may require power reduction to preserve filter life.

Clear Change Indicator Maintenance and clogging indicators inform when filters need to be replaced, eliminating the need for additional special tests.

Prevention of Health Risks OSC does not contain stagnant water, eliminating health risks and the need for regular cleaning.

Advanced Technology for All Compressed Air Condensates The OSC product range with the latest technology leverages patented technologies to separate condensate from compressed air. The multi-stage separation process, floating oleophilic filters, and activated carbon provide superior performance, long filter life, and smooth operation.