KAP 220, 650 Lt/min – 930 Lt/min Breathing Air Compressor

KAP 220, 650 Lt/min – 930 Lt/min Breathing Air Compressor

KAP 220, 650 Lt/min – 930 Lt/min Breathing Air Compressor

Bauer Diving Compressors KAP 220, 650 Lt/min – 930 Lt/min breathing air compressor

KAP 220 – Electrically Driven Professional Fixed Compressor Units for the Most Challenging Application Conditions

Open or Closed Design: Customized to Meet the Needs of Your Application

Fully Automatic Compressor Control: B-CONTROL MICRO

Requires Little Space: Thanks to its Compact Horizontal Design

External P 80 / P 100 Filter System: Provides clean breathing air in accordance with the DIN EN 12021¹ standard, the standard for breathing air.

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN’s KAP 220 series is specifically designed to deliver high performance in the most challenging conditions for professional applications.

These powerful horizontal fixed compressor units are available in both open and fully enclosed versions for both PN 330 bar and PN 420 bar.

Your IK 22 series compressor block is designed for the most challenging professional applications and has proven its value in thousands of application scenarios measured over 30,000 working hours.

With superior surface hardness, plasma-nitrided and plateau-honed cylinders, we achieve very low energy consumption and a very long service life with secure, liquid lubrication of the cylinder surfaces.

Furthermore, wear-resistant piston rings in the final stage minimize operating costs. The compressor block is both efficient and reliable. Stainless steel cooling fins are essential for highly efficient cooling and, consequently, a very long service life.

Operators can choose from a range of electric motors to sustain their applications.