Oceanus, 140 Lt/min Diving Compressor

Oceanus, 140 Lt/min Diving Compressor

Oceanus, 140 Lt/min Diving Compressor

OCEANUS – A Powerful Package for Professional Use

Durable and Sturdy: Frame, handle, and secure filling valve made of stainless material.

Minimal Wear: Thanks to innovative, high-tech plastic piston segments.

Impressive Performance Data: 140 Lt/min free air delivery.

Truly Easy to Carry: Exceptionally lightweight and user-friendly.

OCEANUS is impressive with excellent performance data: it can fill a clean air tube 40% faster than the JUNIOR II, despite having almost the same size.

Designed for challenging professional applications, this product stands out with its durability, mobility, and high free air delivery.

With a corrosion-resistant base frame made of stainless steel, OCEANUS is an ideal compressor even in tropical climates. It is used on ships, submarines, expeditions, and is suitable for use as a paintball compressor, sports shooting compressor, or mobile firefighting compressor.

Generous oil reserve in the crankcase and a powerful oil pump mean that the unit can operate at very steep angles, up to 30° (up to 20° in the petrol version).

This quiet and compact unit can be easily carried by a single person and is suitable for almost any type of automobile trunk.