B-Nitrox Membrane System

B-Nitrox Membrane System

B-Nitrox Membrane System

B-MEMBRANE is BAUER B-nitrox membrane system. This compressor system enriches breathing air with an increased oxygen content of up to 40%.

With B-NITROX, BAUER is the only manufacturer in the world to offer a complete nitrox system certified by TÜV. True to BAUER’s uncompromising safety philosophy, all components are perfectly matched.

The B-NITROX unit is designed for reliable nitrox supply to stationary, professional dive centers, safari boats, live-aboards, yachts and cruise ships, as well as commercial diving missions.

Since the compression of gases requires a certain degree of tested safety, the legislator has issued clear regulations.

This is an important aspect in terms of product liability in case of accidents (especially for tour operators and hotels running their own dive centers.

Compressor optimized for nitrox: Compressor block optimized for high oxygen content and temperature monitoring of all stages for your safety

Oxygen content independent of ambient temperature: Continuous cooling of the membrane to ensure optimum efficiency at all times

Small footprint: Screw compressor, refrigeration dryer, filter and membrane unit mounted in a compact housing

BAUER B-NITROX MEMBRANE system equipment