90-420 Bar PE-VE Series Air and Nitrogen Compressors

90-420 Bar PE-VE Series Air and Nitrogen Compressors

The PE-VE Series Air and Nitrogen Compressors offer robust performance in the 90-420 Bar range, catering to diverse industrial needs. Engineered for efficiency and reliability, these compressors ensure consistent air and nitrogen supply, meeting high-pressure requirements with precision and excellence.

90-420 Bar PE-VE series – versatile product for the industrial sector

Compact dimensions: For installation in confined spaces

Fully automatic compressor control: B-CONTROL MICRO with color display

B-DRAIN: New automatic condensing system is quieter and saves energy

Optional Super Quiet coating: For low noise emissions

High ease of maintenance: No need to retension the V-belt

With the new 90-420 Bar PE-VE Air and Nitrogen Compressors, BAUER has designed a range of systems that combine interesting features even in the basic version with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Together with a large number of system options and a wide range of accessories, tailor-made solutions can be implemented for almost any task in the air and nitrogen sector.

The heart of the system is the BAUER high-pressure blocks, which have a legendary reputation in the market for reliability and long life. The system technology used is designed for industrial use.

The expanded B-CONTROL MICRO is more powerful and prepared for communication with the new B-APP, including remote control and monitoring of the compressor.