Seccant High Pressure Air Dryer

Seccant High Pressure Air Dryer

Seccant High Pressure Air Dryer

SECCANT regeneration dryer: Reliable and zero-maintenance processing of air and gas for high operating hour counts, high free air delivery rates and increasing ambient temperatures
Special B-CONTROL control: Independent of compressor.

Continuous drying: With drying mode with two drying chambers running in parallel (desiccant mode and regeneration mode)

Optimum FAD for your application: For air, gases and high operating hours

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN’s regeneration dryers in the SECCANT series in the 90-350 / 420 bar pressure range are designed for the purification of air and gases in applications where operating hours, free air delivery rates and ambient temperatures are high.

When the units are delivered ready for operation, the high-pressure dryers include electronic control, straight-through and upstream separation between regeneration and operating cycles, and particle filter as standard.

The impressive unit concept also allows easy integration into the overall system.

Activated carbon filters for degreasing and CO conversion (e.g. for the treatment of breathing air and air for use in medical applications) can be added to meet your specific industrial and production requirements.

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