SD Membrane Dryers

SD Membrane Dryers

SD Membrane Dryers

Extend the life and enhance the efficiency of your membrane through preventive air conditioning with our SD membrane dryers, ensuring the highest-quality compressed air.

Versatility SD dryers operate with high performance in a wide range of environments, from small spaces to applications requiring flexible connections, high-vibration areas, and highly variable temperatures.

Guaranteed Safety Our SD dryers meet strict safety and environmental protection requirements, including low-flow environments, areas without electrical power, explosion-resistant facilities, and areas sensitive to noise and corrosion. They do not require electricity.

Critical Environments Since SD dryers do not operate with electricity, they can be safely used in explosion-resistant environments such as laboratories.

Meets All Requirements The SD dryer, offering dew point suppression feature for different models, can meet all performance requirements.

Low Noise Levels SD dryers can be used near the workspace because of their quiet operation.

Energy Savings With a simple design that prevents your compressed air from recirculating within the housing, SD dryers achieve minimum pressure loss and the highest drying efficiency.

Optimal Safety and Efficiency

Atlas Copco’s pre-filtered SD membrane dryers remove moisture, oil, and particles from compressed air under the most challenging conditions. Providing the highest efficiency with the lowest pressure loss and purge air loss possible, SD dryers save time and costs. They can operate in a variety of challenging and critical conditions, from small spaces to large environments with variable temperatures. Two models are available to offer the air conditioning method that suits your needs.