QDT Active Carbon Tower

QDT Active Carbon Tower

The QDT Active Carbon Tower stands as a versatile and effective solution for air treatment, particularly in the removal of odors and contaminants. Engineered with advanced technology, this tower utilizes active carbon to adsorb and neutralize undesirable substances, ensuring clean and purified air. Its compact design allows for easy integration into various air treatment systems, providing an efficient means to enhance indoor air quality.

Whether used in industrial settings or commercial spaces, the QDT Active Carbon Tower demonstrates reliability in addressing air quality concerns, making it a valuable component for those seeking a comprehensive and efficient air purification solution.

The highly efficient activated carbon tower removes oil vapor and odors from your compressed air system.

Our UD+ QDT filter combination meets the class 1 requirements for total oil according to ISO 8573-1:2010.

Maximum oil mist removal
QDT’s superior and highly absorbent activated carbon material guarantees air quality throughout its lifetime. Service is performed every one year or 4000 operating hours, whichever comes first.

Energy saving
By optimizing the internal flow path, the tower increases energy efficiency by 65% on average.

Easy installation
Whether with the self-supporting floor mount or the optional wall mounting kit, our QDT is easy and simple to install.

Peace of mind
Our QDT’s robust head and housing design gives you peace of mind. The spring-loaded activated carbon pouches also prevent channel formation.

Small size
Compared to conventional tank designs, the QDT has extremely compact dimensions.

Measuring air quality
The optional oil gauge measures the amount of oil downstream, ensuring you are always assured of air quality.