PE100, 100 Lt/min Diving Compressor

PE100, 100 Lt/min Diving Compressor

PE100, 100 Lt/min Diving Compressor

PE 100 High-Pressure Compressor – Robust Technology with a Compact Design

Clean Breathing Air: Thanks to BAUER’s advanced filter technology and the specially developed P 11 filter system for PE 100.

Legendary Reliability: Thanks to the proven compressor block of PE 100.

Very Long Maintenance Intervals: Minimizes compressor maintenance costs and downtime.

Global BAUER Sales Force with Over 300 Partners: Our partners are always with you, providing spare parts and maintenance materials from stock.

PE 100 is the smallest and lightest unit in the PE series.

Its potential applications are virtually limitless: it is suitable for various applications on land or in vehicles with three motor options (gasoline, three-phase current, and alternate current).

Ideal as a clean air compressor for dive groups and firefighters or for rapidly filling cartridges for air rifle shooters and paintball.

In the gasoline version, it can operate even in the most remote locations without a power source. With an AC motor, it is suitable for connection to a standard household power supply.

This lightweight and compact unit is easy to carry and fits into almost any car trunk.

The small-scale dimensions and sophisticated technology make this the most compact mobile breathing air compressor, making it ideal for use as a diving compressor in breathing applications and as a compressor for air rifle shooters. With a special air rifle filling version available, the PE 100 replaces the smaller S 30 air rifle compressor.