P Series Cartridge Filters

P Series Cartridge Filters

P Series Cartridge Filters

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN‘s P series cartridge filters are high-pressure filter systems that have proven their worth in practice for decades.
This product series is the undisputed classic among BAUER high-pressure filter systems and offers significant advantages such as fast and simple cartridge replacement, minimal downtimes and simply cost-effective dispensing.

Ideally matched to the respective compressor and application, the cartridges are available in numerous compatible sizes with saturation monitoring for humidity (B-SECURUS) and the option to integrate into three operating pressure types: 350, 420 and 500 bar.

Depending on the application and the filter cartridge, moisture (H2O), oil, carbon monoxide (CO) and particles are absorbed, converted or removed.

Quick cartridge change: Minimized downtime

Application and ideally adapted to the bauer compressor: at any pressure

Optional options: including occupancy monitoring (B-SECURUS)