OGP PSA Oxygen Generator

OGP PSA Oxygen Generator

OGP PSA Field Type Oxygen Generator

Why buy oxygen instead of producing it yourself? Our OGP PSA Oxygen Generator deliver high capacity flow at the purity level you need. Suitable for a wide range of applications. Featuring Pressurized Swing Absorption (PSA) technology.

Optimum savings
Atlas Copco’s OGP systems bring minimal operating and maintenance costs. Producing your own oxygen means no processing, refilling and transfer costs

On-site production vs. transshipment
Your OGP system can be used continuously in the field. Never stop production due to downtime again

High level of purity
OGP offers oxygen purity between 90 and 95% to meet your quality requirements

Plug and play
The OGP is delivered ready for use. Dry compressed air connection is requiredOxygen production on site with OGPWhy buy oxygen from third parties instead of producing it yourself? Our OGP oxygen generator reliably produces high purity oxygen. The working principle of the oxygen generator is based on Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) technology. Zeolite particles separate oxygen molecules from others in compressed air. The OGP oxygen generator is an excellent choice for applications such as: – Ozone production – Waste water treatment – Healthcare – Glass industry – and many more