MARINER 200, 200 Lt/min Diving Compressor

MARINER 200, 200 Lt/min Diving Compressor

MARINER 200, 200 Lt/min Diving Compressor

MARINER 200 – Powerful Mobile Compressor for Breathing Air with an Integrated Protective Frame

Robust: Suitable for short-term and continuous service due to a highly durable motor.

Durable and Powerful: Three-stage or four-stage contractions and industrial-type roller bearings maximize compressor service life.

Corrosion-Protected: Features an ultra-lightweight aluminum chassis for the best possible protection against corrosion.

Reliable Lubrication: Equipped with a generously sized low-pressure oil pump.

With a 200 l/min FAD, MARINER 200 is an impressive and versatile mobile compressor unit in the PROFI-LINE II series, where a range of system accessories can be attached. It comes standard with an integrated corrosion-resistant protective frame.

Additionally, the first and high-pressure final stages of MARINER 200 have piston segments made of a new high-tech plastic that is nearly immune to wear.

The motor table design, reducing vibration, optimizes smooth operation.

With a wide range of BAUER accessories, the compressor can be customized to meet almost any requirement and purpose, making it suitable for a variety of uses such as on yachts, as a firefighting service compressor, paintball compressor, diving compressor, or ship compressor. Both gasoline and electric models are available.