LZ High Quality Oil Free Compressor

LZ High Quality Oil Free Compressor

LZ High Quality Oil Free Compressor

An uncompromising oil-free air solution and one of the most comprehensively equipped reciprocating compressors on the market today

LZ High Quality Oil Free Compressor Product Features

Advanced control and monitoring The Atlas Copco Mk 5 integrated in the LZ gives you advanced electronic control and monitoring. The touch control unit is easy to use, ensuring optimum performance and reliability

High reliability With 20,000 hours of operating life, the LZ is a long-term equipment. Since no oil is used, the LZ lasts longer with minimal maintenance

Absolutely oil-free air LZ’s ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) certified pump produces air whose cleanliness is beyond doubt

High energy efficiency The direct-drive LZ features several innovations, such as a single bearing motor and load/unload technology, which impressively reduce energy consumption to minimum values

Quiet operation With its sound-insulated canopy, the LZ achieves noise levels as low as 67 db(A). This also allows it to be installed close to the point of use