LB High Pressure Booster

LB High Pressure Booster

LB High Pressure Booster

Atlas Copco Nitrogen System

Do you need nitrogen? Would you like to produce it yourself? The LB high pressure booster is integrated into nitrogen generation systems with an all-in-one concept. It can be used for direct nitrogen use (40 bar), direct use and bottling (300 bar).

Best Booster Performance

The LB is the ideal booster for PET bottling and nitrogen applications in power plants or laser cutting. The piston technology offers the highest efficiency in the industry with extremely low noise levels. The Elektronikon® Mk5 user interface ensures ease of use.

LB High Pressure Booster Product Specifications

Quiet. Quiet to the core: Best balance and special vibration dampers. The silencer is also available with the canopy to further reduce noise.
Best performance. The innovative lubrication system with oil ring and crankshaft channels guarantees better lubrication performance. No oil carryover thanks to the oil ventilation system.
Superior reliability. Based on the proven and reliable LT piston compressor design. Inlet and outlet safety valve protection. Steel valve plates with new zinc-based microsphate coating for extra protection.