Junior II, 100 Lt/min Diving Compressor

Junior II, 100 Lt/min Diving Compressor

Junior II, 100 Lt/min Diving Compressor

JUNIOR II – The Compact Classic among Mobile Breathing Air Compressors

The World’s Bestseller: More than 100,000 units sold worldwide.

BAUER’s Most Compact Mobile Compressor: Compact dimensions and advanced technology.

Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for sports divers, transportation, breathing applications, paintball, airsoft, and much more.

Truly Easy to Carry: Exceptionally lightweight and user-friendly.

Durability, Reliability, Versatility, and Flexibility: Made JUNIOR II the globally renowned classic and the original bestseller with over 100,000 units sold worldwide.

The small-scale and sophisticated technology make the dimensions of our most compact mobile breathing air compressor ideal for use as a diving compressor in breathing applications and as a compressor for transportation, especially for pickup and sports shooting.

In short, it is a must-have for anyone seeking clean and safe breathing air for use in mobile applications.

This quiet and compact unit can be easily carried by a single person and is suitable for almost any type of automobile trunk.

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