High Pressure Storage Systems

High Pressure Storage Systems

High Pressure Storage Systems

High pressure storage systems for compressor units: For high operational reliability and cost-efficient production. Modular system construction: The ideal way to expand your compressor system

Storage systems for a wide range of pressure levels: 330, 365 and 420 bar pressures

Modular high-pressure storage systems from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN are the ideal way to expand a compressor system.

These high-performance storage systems support short-term storage of large volumes of air and gas and a constant volume flow.

At the same time, a carefully selected storage module optimizes the compressor distribution during the operating period and also acts as a vibration damper.

The storage systems are available in pressure ranges of 330, 365 and 420 bar. If required, they can be expanded by adding a 50 or 80 l storage cylinder.