FD VSD Series Gas-Cooled Air Dryers

FD VSD Series Gas-Cooled Air Dryers

FD VSD Series Gas-Cooled Air Dryers

Atlas Copco’s introduction of the VSD (and later VSD+) compressor technology marked an industry milestone. With FD VSD, we bring this energy-saving principle to your high-quality air equipment.

VSD Inverter Controls the compressor speed based on air demand, ensuring the highest possible energy savings.

Highly Efficient Heat Exchanger Utilizes a counter-flow compact brazed plate or aluminum heat exchanger on the air-to-air side for optimum cooling efficiency and the lowest possible pressure drop.

Integrated Water Separator Ensures high separation efficiency at low speeds, even under low flow conditions.

Electronic Zero-Loss Condensate Drain Activates only when needed during scheduled drain times to eliminate unnecessary compressed air loss.

Elektronikon® Touch Controller Provides advanced control and allows for remote monitoring.

Single Electrical Connection Enables plug-and-play installation.

New! Atlas Copco FD VSD Gas-Cooled Air Dryers: Unparalleled Energy Savings, Performance, and Value

High-Quality, Dry Air Atlas Copco’s FD VSD Refrigerated Air Dryers eliminate moisture from compressed air before it enters the air network, preventing costly damage to air tools, instruments, machinery, and pipes.

Energy Savings FD VSD dryers feature Atlas Copco’s Variable Speed Drive, delivering an average of 50% energy savings compared to consumed energy. Additionally, our specialized heat exchanger design minimizes pressure drop in the system for further energy efficiency.

Dew Point Stability Regardless of ambient air temperature, FD VSD dries the air to a constant dew point of (+3°C/+37°F). The dried air achieves a consistent ISO 8573-1 Class 4 purity.

Exclusive to Atlas Copco! Only Atlas Copco offers VSD technology in a gas cooled air dryer within this flow range. Consult with an air system expert for information on properly sized FD VSD Gas Cooled Air Dryers to meet your specific needs.