FD Series Gas Cooled Air Dryers

FD Series Gas Cooled Air Dryers

FD Series Gas Cooled Air Dryers

FD Series Gas Cooled Air Dryers offer efficient moisture removal, ensuring a low total cost of ownership. With advanced energy-saving features and low-pressure loss, these dryers maintain a stable dew point. The robust design and easy maintenance make them a reliable choice for various industrial applications.

The FD gas cooled air dryer guarantees a low lifecycle cost and precise dew point, and you get an extremely fast return on your investment

Reduce lifecycle costs
FD compressed air dryers have advanced energy saving features and low pressure loss to reduce overall power consumption. FD can reach 6-4000 l/s

The quietest model in its class
The sound-insulated canopy of FD refrigerated compressed air dryers significantly reduces the noise level

Easy maintenance
The FD refrigerated air dryer is delivered ready for use with a robust base frame with integrated forklift mounts. Our refrigerated air dryers use no consumables and only require regular inspection and cleaning

Protect your production
Working with direct expansion technology, our high-quality FD refrigeration dryers remove moisture from compressed air with a low and stable dew point of +3°C/+37.4°F. Water and air cooled models are available.