FD+ Series Gas-Cooled Air Dryers

FD+ Series Gas-Cooled Air Dryers

FD+ Series Gas-Cooled Air Dryers

The FD (VSD)+ gas-cooled air dryer sets new standards in reliability and energy efficiency. Achieving higher energy efficiency from the start, the FD (VSD)+ dryer offers low-pressure loss, high-efficiency components, and an advanced control system, reaching values up to 1250-2400 l/s.

Smart AIR Solutions Designed to work seamlessly with the best air compressors and control units in its class, the FD+ refrigerated air dryer ensures energy savings and protects your production.

Pure Compressed Air Exceeding international ISO 8573-1:2010 Class 4 compressed air quality standards, the FD (VSD)+ refrigerated air dryer ensures the purity of your compressed air.

Comprehensive Protection for Your Application The FD (VSD) 1250+ -2400+ l/s refrigerated air dryers eliminate moisture in compressed air with a low dew point of up to +3°C/+37°F. The innovative design of the FD+ dryer provides superior energy savings with features like electronic regulation valves, advanced control with Elektronikon Mk5, high-efficiency heat exchanger, environmentally friendly R410 refrigerant gas, high-efficiency scroll-type refrigeration compressor, and zero-loss condensate drains to prevent compressed air waste.

VSD Technology for Up to 65% Energy Savings More than 35% of the lifecycle cost of a dryer is consumed by energy. To reduce energy costs, we offer FD (VSD)+ refrigerated air dryers with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology, providing significant energy savings and contributing to environmental conservation.

The dryer consumes over 35% of the total lifecycle cost in energy. To reduce energy expenses, we offer Gas-Cooled Air Dryers with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology.