Chemical Air Dryers BD+ CD+ XD+

Chemical Air Dryers BD+ CD+ XD+

Chemical Air Dryers BD+ CD+ XD+

Chemical BD+ and CD+ dryers are designed to work with both oil-lubricated and oil-free air compressors, while the XD+ chemical air dryer is specifically designed to work with oil-free air compressors.

Maximize Energy Savings Our moisture-absorbing air dryers, BD+, CD+, and XD+, adjust their energy consumption based on the current load, allowing for significant savings.

Protect Your Production Our patented Elektronikon control unit ensures maximum operational efficiency. With advanced service alerts and operating parameters, it safeguards your production.

Discover the Highest Quality Standards in the Food and Beverage Industry Our oil-free equipment production facility in Antwerp, Belgium, is ISO 22000 certified. The food safety management system applies to all our Z-type Class 0 oil-free air compressors and related dryers and filters.

Optimal Durability Extend the lifespan of your moisture-absorbing air dryers. The proven robust design allows for a seamless transition between high-quality stainless steel valves.

Longer Service Intervals The use of high-quality desiccant materials can double the lifespan of your system compared to standard activated aluminum oxide. The stainless steel valve significantly extends your service intervals, reducing production downtime and maintenance costs.

Easy Installation Delivered ready for use, with no hidden installation costs. All components, including silencers, sensors, and control units, are connected to a sturdy base frame with integrated forklift slots.

Increase Production Efficiency By completely eliminating moisture, you can enhance the reliability of your production equipment and improve the quality of your final products. All air dryers feature unique patented technologies and energy-saving options. Models with a low-pressure dew point of up to -70°C/-100°F are available in various sizes.

Comparison of Chemical Air Dryers BD+, CD+, and XD+

BD+ Heated blower purged desiccant air dryers use a small amount of compressed air along with heated air from an external blower. BD+ desiccant air dryers are also available as zero-purge models. CD+ Heatless desiccant air dryers are the simplest types, minimizing electrical connections by using only compressed air for purging. Zero-purge XD+ coolers use the heat recovered from the compressor for regenerating the desiccant. XD+ dryers do not consume compressed air during the heating or cooling process.