Chemical Air Dryers AD BD CD

Chemical Air Dryers AD BD CD

Chemical Air Dryers AD BD CD

Our D, BD, and CD chemical air dryers remove moisture from the compressed air passing through them to protect your equipment, products, and processes. With high energy efficiency and easy operation, they cover a range of 360-1600 l/s.

AD, CD, and BD air dryers employ different technologies:

  • AD series uses hot air for purging, utilizing compressed air and heat.
  • BD series, with blower purging, combines air, heat, and minimal compressed air from an external blower.
  • CD series, using heatless purging, relies solely on compressed air for purging.

Reduce Energy Costs Large tanks and optimally sized pipes and valves minimize pressure losses. An efficient control system ensures the correct use of your adsorption dryer.

Shorten Production Downtime Extend the lifespan of your equipment, prevent contamination, and enhance product quality. The low-pressure dew point of -40°C/-40°F in our dryers prevents water from entering your products or processes.

Easy Installation Delivered ready for use, designed to eliminate hidden installation costs. All components, including silencers, sensors, and control units, are connected to a sturdy base frame with integrated forklift slots.

Chemical air dryers AD, BD, and CD are delivered ready for operation.

AD, BD, and CD chemical dryers provide the clean and dry air you need to extend the lifespan of your equipment and ensure the quality of your final products. All air dryers feature unique patented technologies and energy-saving options. The pressure dew point is as low as -40°C, and they come in sizes ranging from 360 to 1600 l/s with IP54 protected cabinets.