B-SECURUS Filter Monitoring

B-SECURUS Filter Monitoring

B-SECURUS filter monitoring – Safety system for breathing air therapy

The B-SECURUS system monitors the saturation of the filter cartridge(s) by measuring the residual moisture of the compressed air within the molecular sieve of the P-filter system and gives a “pre-warning” on the display indicating when to replace it. The filter cartridge(s) must then be replaced.

The service life of the cartridge(s) has not been exceeded because the pre-warning signal draws ample attention to the saturation of the filter cartridge(s).

Depending on the size of the compressor, the pre-warning signal is given approximately 1 to 7 hours before cartridge saturation. B-SECURUS automatically switches off the compressor unit if the cartridge is saturated and has not been replaced.

In the event of a cable break and if B-SECURUS is not connected to the unit control, a safety shutdown also takes place.

If there is no filter cartridge(s) in the P filter system, the compressor cannot be switched on. A message appears on the display.

The B-SECURUS filter monitoring system ensures that the compressed breathing air is as clean as possible in accordance with DIN EN 12021¹ and maximizes the lifetime of the BAUER filter cartridge(s) used. The cost of purchasing B-SECURUS pays for itself within a short period of time. The B-SECURUS system does not need to be calibrated.

If the units are correctly installed and assembled as described in the user manual and the CO2 concentration in the inlet air exceeds the prescribed standard values, it is exposed to BAUER AERO-GUARD.