B-KOOL Gas Air Dryer

B-KOOL Gas Air Dryer

B-KOOL Gas Air Dryer system: BAUER KOMPRESSOREN’s air drying system that extends filter cartridge life
Rapid amortization of the supply costs of the air dryer: Due to the proliferation of filter cartridge service lives

Huge savings potential: Thanks to reduced consumption of original filter cartridges

Three different models: the new MINI-VERTICUS and VERTICUS in open design, for PE-VE Silent and BAUER compressors.

Especially in environments with high ambient temperatures, the B-KOOL refrigeration dryer increases filter capacity almost beyond belief.

Operators benefit from longer downtime-free operation as well as much lower filter cartridge handling and storage costs.

A smart approach to reducing costs and protecting the environment

The normal service life (capacity) of a filter cartridge can be extended many times by additional cooling of the compressed air with the B-KOOL refrigeration dryer. As a result of the air cooling, most of the condensate is separated in the oil and water separator, so the filter cartridge absorbs less water vapor.

The cost of purchasing a B-KOOL refrigeration dryer pays for itself within a short time, because B-KOOL greatly reduces the consumption rates for original filter cartridges. As a result, operating costs are almost negligible.

When B-KOOL is used in combination with the B-SECURUS filter monitoring unit or the B-DETECTION gas metering system, the operation becomes even more cost-effective; the unit maximizes filter cartridge lifetime by optimizing moisture content.