B-Blending System

B-Blending System


With B-Blending System Easy to switch between nitrox and breathing air by selecting the operating mode on the B-CONTROL II compressor control

BAUER PureAir certification possible

Combined with our compressors from the Nitrox series, you can produce a nitrox at an affordable cost and with a mixing ratio of up to 10% O2. Uncompromising safety has been our top priority in the development of B-BLENDING.

A combination of mechanical and electronic safety mechanisms ensures that the oxygen content of the gas mixture achieves the precise value you set, regardless of external influences.

To provide excellent flexibility, B-BLENDING is available as a unit integrated into the compressor or external wall mounting. To avoid operating errors, the focus has been on ensuring that the user interface is clear and simple.

The B-BLENDING system is particularly suitable for dive centers with low or average nitrox requirements looking for a simple yet safe solution to produce nitrox.

Mixture of Nitrox with O2 up to 40

Compact design