55-120 Bar, Air and Nitrogen GIB Series

55-120 Bar, Air and Nitrogen GIB Series

Operating flawlessly within the 55-120 Bar pressure range, the Air and Nitrogen GIB Series stands out as a robust solution for a wide array of industrial applications. This series of air-cooled medium-pressure booster compressors is meticulously crafted for uninterrupted industrial usage, boasting a cutting-edge large fan air-cooled design that guarantees impeccable cooling even in the face of high ambient temperatures.

Compact in size, these compressors offer a space-efficient, reliable, and low-maintenance solution, making them particularly well-suited for confined spaces. The ergonomic design enhances ease of operation and accessibility, ensuring a user-friendly experience. The integration of the innovative B-DRAIN automatic condensate system sets these compressors apart, providing not only a quieter performance but also contributing to enhanced energy efficiency.

The GIB Series proudly stands as an economical and durable choice, addressing diverse industrial needs with unmatched efficiency and precision.

Discover tailored solutions for your industrial requirements with the GIB Series: air-cooled medium-pressure booster compressors engineered for continuous industrial use, efficiently compressing air and nitrogen within the 55-120 Bar pressure range.

Key Features of the 55-120 Bar Air and Nitrogen GIB Series:

  1. Large Fan Air-Cooled Design: Guarantees optimal cooling for all cylinders, maintaining peak performance even in high ambient temperatures.
  2. Compact Dimensions: Space-saving and reliable, these compressors offer a low-maintenance solution ideal for areas with limited space.
  3. Ergonomic Design: Prioritizing optimal accessibility and operation, the design ensures a seamless user experience.
  4. B-DRAIN Automatic Condensate System: This innovative system not only ensures quieter operation but also contributes to improved energy efficiency, aligning with modern sustainability goals.

The GIB Series stands as a testament to innovation and reliability, offering a comprehensive solution for industrial compression needs within the specified pressure range.

As economical, long-lasting system solutions, these multi-stage boosters offer various options: serving as the final compressor for compressed air networks or as a nitrogen compressor for inert gases from generators or storage groups.

The new enhancers in the K 22 series are offered with a direct-coupled version. High efficiency, low operating costs, and a low-maintenance design make them the first choice for challenging applications.

The star arrangement of pistons and cylinders allows optimized mass balancing, resulting in systems that operate with extremely low vibrations.

The compressor control system can be flexibly placed next to it, providing an advantage during installation.

With powerful air-cooling systems featuring large-sized radiators alongside wide-fluted cylinders, each compressor stage is optimally cooled.

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN also manufactures turnkey system solutions customized to your individual needs and industrial requirements.