50-520 Bar GIB-SP Series

50-520 Bar GIB-SP Series

The GIB-SP Series, ranging from 50 to 520 Bar, represents a pinnacle in water-cooled high-pressure compressors designed for robust industrial applications. Engineered for heavy-duty use, these 50-520 Bar GIB-SP Series ensure exceptional performance and reliability.

Cooling valve heads reduce thermal stress, minimizing wear and ensuring longevity. The targeted water cooling of the compressor block allows for installation in the most challenging environments. Operating with low compression and operating temperatures, the multi-stage compression system provides optimal efficiency.

Fully equipped with features like soft start and B-CONTROL II, the combination of screw compressors and high-pressure boosters delivers a high distribution volume in compact dimensions. These compressors are not only highly durable but also remarkably quiet, making them ideal for continuous industrial operation or heavy-duty applications.

For information on water-cooled high-pressure compressors within the 50-520 bar pressure range from the GIB-SP series, designed for industrial heavy-duty use, feel free to contact us.

Reduced thermal load through cooling valve heads: Minimizing wear for minimum abrasion.

Installation even in the most challenging environmental conditions: Thanks to the targeted water cooling of the compressor block.

Low compression and operating temperatures: Achieved through multi-stage compression.

Fully equipped: Soft start and B-CONTROL II.

The combination of screw compressors and high-pressure booster provides a high distribution volume in compact dimensions. Compression occurs in 3 or 5 stages, allowing for low compression temperatures.

With targeted water cooling of valve heads, as well as intermediate and final coolers, a significant portion of the heat output is absorbed by the cooling water.

These industrial high-pressure compressors are extremely maintenance-friendly, durable, and notably quieter compared to similar air-cooled compressors. Specifically designed for industrial continuous operation or heavy-duty use.