25-110 Bar, Air & Nitrogen, Helium & Argon

25-110 Bar, Air & Nitrogen, Helium & Argon

25-110 Bar, Air & Nitrogen, Helium & Argon GIB Series: Water-cooled medium-pressure booster compressors designed for compressing air, nitrogen, helium, and argon – offering high distribution performance at ultimate pressures up to 110 bar.

Known for its robust system design and the ability to self-sustain even in challenging environments through effective water cooling and targeted heat distribution, BAUER KOMPRESSOREN’s GIB series offers economical, long-lasting solutions for heavy-duty use. These versatile multi-stage boosters find application in various scenarios, including compressed air networks, inert gas compression, and biogas processing. BAUER KOMPRESSOREN also specializes in providing customized turnkey system solutions to meet individual needs and industrial requirements.

Optimal delivery rates for your application: Compressing air, nitrogen, helium, and argon.

Compressor blocks from the BK 23 – BK 52 series: Ensuring equal absorption of internal gas forces.

Robust system design: Utilizing proven BAUER system components.

Self-sufficient installation even in the most challenging environmental conditions: Effective water cooling of the compressor block and targeted heat distribution.

Economical, long-lasting system solutions tailored for heavy-duty use, BAUER KOMPRESSOREN’s GIB series water-cooled medium-pressure hydrofor provides comprehensive options for the final compression stage.

Multi-stage boosters can be used in various ways: as the last compressor in the compressed air network, as a nitrogen compressor for inert gases from generators or storage bundles, as a gas compressor for compressing methane from pipelines, or for directly processing biogas obtained from a biogas plant.

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN also manufactures turnkey system solutions tailored to your individual requests and industrial requirements.