160-365 Bar Air and Nitrogen GIB Series

160-365 Bar Air and Nitrogen GIB Series

160-365 Bar Air and Nitrogen GIB Series: Designed for the most challenging working conditions, you can request a quote from us for air-cooled high-pressure booster compressors to compress air and nitrogen.

The GIB Series, featuring air-cooled high-pressure booster compressors designed for extreme working conditions, delivers optimal performance in compressing air and nitrogen within the 160-365 Bar range. Engineered with a large fan air-cooling design, these compressors maintain peak efficiency even in elevated ambient temperatures.

Their compact dimensions make them ideal for space-saving in restricted areas, combining reliability with minimal maintenance. The ergonomic design ensures optimal accessibility and functionality. With the new automatic condensate system (B-DRAIN), these compressors operate quietly and promote energy efficiency. Choose economic, long-lasting system solutions with the GIB Series, suitable for diverse applications, backed by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN’s renowned quality and customization options.

  • Large Fan Air-Cooling Design: Ensures optimal cooling of all cylinders even in high ambient temperatures.
  • Compact Dimensions: Ideal for space-saving in confined areas, offering a reliable solution with minimal maintenance.
  • Ergonomic Design: Emphasizes optimal accessibility and functionality.
  • B-DRAIN: The new automatic condensate system is quieter and promotes energy efficiency.

These multi-stage hydrofor units offer various options for economic, long-lasting system solutions. They can serve as the final compressor in the air network or as a nitrogen compressor for inert gases from generators or storage groups.

The new power amplifiers in the K 22 series are offered in a direct-coupled version, providing high efficiency, low operating costs, and a low-maintenance design, making them the preferred choice for demanding applications.

The star arrangement of pistons and cylinders allows optimized mass balancing, meaning the systems operate with extremely low vibrations. The compressor control system can be flexibly placed alongside, providing an advantage during installation.

With powerful air-cooling systems featuring extensive ribbed cylinders, these compressors ensure each compressor stage is optimally cooled. BAUER KOMPRESSOREN also manufactures custom turnkey system solutions tailored to individual preferences and industrial requirements.